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Too much house? Domestic greening on the urban fringes.

Too much house? Domestic greening on the urban fringes.

How much house is too much? Through re-imaging a more balanced approach to residential construction on the urban fringe, is it possible to create places with enhanced domestic amenity and less personal financial strain yet with comparable builder margin to that currently enjoyed? Think of the individual and collective greening opportunity that could flow for new communities and the enhanced green-life supply opportunity for the horticulture sector. The search is on for the economic sweet spot to enable this to happen. Communities will be better for it.

Our Re-set to localism

Localism now has its time. The pandemic has underscored its importance. My Neighbourhood Re-set provides an attainable way for residential propoerty developers to embrace this trend that it here to stay, without breaking the bank. Everybody wins.

Adding inter-generational colour to community

The privilege of being involved as a partner with the CRC Longevity funding bid has provides an opportunity to reflect upon the contribution that older people can make to the fabric of the new places in which My Neighbourhood works. Inter-generational community...

Small “circular” steps

A circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use and regenerating natural systems. Seems like a fine approach to advocate if we are in any way serious about the future of our planet. In general,...

Beauty is sometimes only skin-deep

I have been interested to read of the societal insights that have emerged through this covid period. A frequent theme has been the fundamental human need for meaningful connection. "Community" is being re-defined...or rather, reverting to a more basic notion that...

The age of loneliness

At the core of Place-making is prevention and mitigation of social disconnection and loneliness. It's a heart-felt driver of the work I undertake via My Neighbourhood. Im really pleased to see ABC elevate this matter to front of mind, on Q & A , 9.35 pm AEST on...

Our “Sliding Doors moment” is upon us.

  A mate of mine recently shared this article with me: " I read this and thought of you". Thanks James -this served to remind me that the stuff I have banged on about for years is now topical and resonating at a personal level. Moreover, it underscored that...

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