My Neighbourhood Re-set

The covid-19 pandemic has reminded us of just how much we need connection with our neighbours, as well as providing a once in a lifetime opportunity to draw breath and do things better.

So it’s time to re-set our approach to activating new communities. My Neighbourhood Re-Set hubs around the development and operation of Social Enterprise cafes in new communities.This unique opportunity provides an affordable route into authentic and sustainable early activation and genuine placemaking

My Neighbourhood Re-Set hubs around the development and operation of Social Enterprise café’s in new communities

The heart of the community

  • The cafe become a much-loved community asset that also provides valuable community activity space
  • Includes a menu of co-created neighbourhood programs
  • Represents a solid, authentic developer commitment to the host community
  • Employs enthusiastic, trained staff , with ready access to specialist place-makers

Affordable and meaningful

  • Will not break the bank, whilst also generating substantial social and commercial value
  • Fills service provision gaps and responds to early infrastructure requests from Local Government
  • Will enhance community-first brand reputation
  • Aligns your project with best-practice early activation policy

What does My Neighbourhood Re-Set provide?

A site-specific café design response
Fixtures and fittings check-list and sourcing guidance
Operational projections
Engagement of a reputable social enterprise café operator
Provision and training of accredited staff
Agreed opening hours and budget
Placemaking activity seeding and coordination
A community-wide place-making extension


Café construction

We remove the hassle of creation and operation of your café.. We work collaboratively with the development team to agree a design and fit-out response. Construction is funded by the developer under our specialist guidance. We charge a one-off fee for our input or will be happy to amortise the fee over the first year of the café operation (excluding outgoings)

Café operation

We agree operating scope and co-create realistic annual operating budgets. We package an operational price to suit site circumstances and probable revenues. Ideally, we operate a self-sustaining model under our social enterprise framework, that eliminates the need for commercial top-up in perpetuity. We offer a genuine project partnership and unrivalled transparency in planning commercial projections and monitoring progress with the host developer.

Our not-negotiable point of difference is that we will always insist upon a café design that is conducive to community activities, as well as a developer commitment to modest investment in community programs.

Get in touch.

If you have any question about how My Neighbourhood can help your project, please get in touch

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