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Authentic community development is a new concept for most developers and internal investment justification is sometimes difficult. A short-term fixed cost project assessment allows for consideration of the merits of a deeper community engagement, without further obligation.

Long term consulting

The real community development “gold” lies in an embedded presence that helps communities build from within. Our presence is available on a retained or daily rate basis and is scale-able to match project sales and associated residential growth.

Why work with us?

Building communities is in our dna.

Everyone needs to belong. Somewhere that anchors them and shapes their human identity. Somewhere to call home and with something to do that adds meaning to their world.

Communities flourish when this foundation is established.

My Neighbourhood helps new communities develop organically and sustainably.

Our aim is to ensure that upon withdrawal, the developer proudly leaves a positive legacy via a community that is connected, self-reliant, healthy and widely admired.

working with us is investing in success.

The raw cost of meaningful investment in building community social capital in new master-planned places is typically less than 1% of annual budget.

  • Investment compared to annual budget 1% 1%

Compare this with the spiralling community and reputational cost of health ailments, that cascade from under-resourced, lonely places.

My Neighbourhood represents an affordable strategic investment that enhances lives and project reputation. 

Our case studies

Planning authorities now understand the critical importance of social cohesion and are strongly encouraging an emphasis upon sustainable community outcomes.  They understand that we need to improve the way that new estates are delivered, in order to create better places. Our charter is to ensure that lifestyles in new places are about inclusion and self-determination, so that an "estate" becomes a self-sustaining community of great repute.   

olivine estate

Key Outcomes

  • Australia’s first urban-fringe social capital partnership with a Local Government Authority
  • Integrated and innovative urban farming initiatives
  • A landmark community development partnership with a social enterprise

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Woodlea Estate

Key Outcomes

  • Australia's first application of the Growth Areas Social Planning Tool
  • Property price resilience, underpinned by community strength and reputation
  • Internationally significant place-based social cohesion research collaboration

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Sports COmmunities

Key Outcomes

  • Club future proofing, through industry leading junior development and beginner programs
  • Land development brokerage to fund facility re-development
  • New community establishment and old club regeneration

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