Our Approach

My Neighbourhood addresses community needs by being consistently present, from the outset. We help develop stronger communities, by building a solid foundation that truly involves residents in shaping their place.  We champion the Growth Areas Social Planning Tool as our best-practice reference for our work on the urban fringe and proudly promote its widespread implementation.

Everyone needs to belong. Somewhere to call home and with something to do that adds meaning to their world.

The technology revolution links us all to remote mechanisms that can deliver process efficiency but which are largely faceless. Functional communities also need faces and voices, to flourish.

An engagement with My Neighbourhood brings a best-practice focus on community development.


Resident Input

We go beyond the typical event driven engagement and work with residents to add meaning to their world.

Partnership Brokerage

We embrace the principles of the Growth Areas Social Planning Tool which champions the power of collective community partnership strategy and structure.

Place Making

We help create a sense of belonging for residents from the early stage of development to ensure they are connected to their new community.

Results Driven

We can demonstrate for busy developers a compelling, cost-effective case for strategic investment in bottom-up community development, that helps to enhance project credibility and marketing appeal.

Our case studies

Planning authorities now understand the critical importance of social cohesion and are strongly encouraging an emphasis upon sustainable community outcomes.  They understand that we need to improve the way that new estates are delivered, in order to create better places. Our charter is to ensure that lifestyles in new places are about inclusion and self-determination, so that an "estate" becomes a self-sustaining community of great repute.   

olivine estate

Key Outcomes

  • Australia’s first urban-fringe social capital partnership with a Local Government Authority
  • Integrated and innovative urban farming initiatives
  • A landmark community development partnership with a social enterprise

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Woodlea Estate

Key Outcomes

  • Australia's first application of the Growth Areas Social Planning Tool
  • Property price resilience, underpinned by community strength and reputation
  • Internationally significant place-based social cohesion research collaboration

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Sports COmmunities

Key Outcomes

  • Club future proofing, through industry leading junior development and beginner programs
  • Land development brokerage to fund facility re-development
  • New community establishment and old club regeneration

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