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“Over the past five years I worked with Chris to co-create a new approach to engaging and understanding the impact on connectivity and wellness for residents moving to a new community. Chris has a deep and thoughtful understanding, both intellectually and emotionally, of community and the fundamental needs and wants of people from diverse backgrounds.  He is a natural collaborator and leader, and inspires others to think differently to achieve high impact outcomes”

Professor Laurie Buys

Professor, Queensland University of Technology

“Chris has worked alongside me on numerous residential projects and understands the perils of social isolation and the value of grass-roots community development. My Neighbourhood provides the expertise to connect residents in new growth areas, undertake community engagement and deliver programs which ultimately empowers community members and creates stronger, safer and more connected communities.  Chris’ ultimate aim is to ensure that everyone in the neighbourhood lives in a place where they feel they belong.”

Matthew Dean

Project Director, WOODLEA

“I have worked with Chris now for a couple of years and his warm, welcoming personality comes through with everything he does. 

Chris absolutely understands old fashioned community building and hospitality, drawing people in and building strong connections.

He is happy to work with your ideas as well as supply his own and nothing is too much trouble.  I look forward to our continued community partnership.”

Dawn Gordon

Director of Community Development, Hume Anglican Grammar School

“I’ve been collaborating with Chris for several years on innovative placed-based projects. Not only does he understand good process for community development, Chris is someone who delivers quality outcomes.”

Rev. Brent Lyons-Lee

General Manager, Grassroots Placemakers

“I have always been impressed by the commitment Chris gave our community here in the City of Melton. I believe he has had a really positive effect through his work in connecting with our community”

Cr. Bob Turner

Councillor, City of Melton

“Chris is one of the most genuine, honest and hardworking professionals and community advocates I have ever met. Truly cares and has a passion for people and communities — always looking for ways to create neighbourhoods where people belong and thrive”.

Cr. Steve Abboushi,

Councillor, City of Melton

“Having worked with Chris for near on 20 years I could not speak more highly of him. He’s the astute professional. A man with genuine values, who is highly engaged with his audience, and importantly, delivers with passion and energy for the things dear to his heart, such as his connection with community and nature. Chris truly wants to make a difference.”

Craig Taberner

CEO, Nursery & Garden Industry of Victoria

I have worked closely with Chris on Mirvac’s master-planned communities over the past five years and I truly believe his pioneering work has been an essential agent for change in increasing the fundamental importance of social return on investment, community resilience and connectedness.

My Neighbourhood has both developed and executed visionary community development strategies which have been of significant betterment to our communities and all stakeholders. His passion is innate and Chris truly practices what he preaches.

Charbel Youssef

Senior Development Manager, Masterplanned Communities - Mirvac

Our case studies

Planning authorities now understand the critical importance of social cohesion and are strongly encouraging an emphasis upon sustainable community outcomes.  They understand that we need to improve the way that new estates are delivered, in order to create better places. Our charter is to ensure that lifestyles in new places are about inclusion and self-determination, so that an "estate" becomes a self-sustaining community of great repute.   

olivine estate

Key Outcomes

  • Australia’s first urban-fringe social capital partnership with a Local Government Authority
  • Integrated and innovative urban farming initiatives
  • A landmark community development partnership with a social enterprise

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Woodlea Estate

Key Outcomes

  • Australia's first application of the Growth Areas Social Planning Tool
  • Property price resilience, underpinned by community strength and reputation
  • Internationally significant place-based social cohesion research collaboration

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Sports COmmunities

Key Outcomes

  • Club future proofing, through industry leading junior development and beginner programs
  • Land development brokerage to fund facility re-development
  • New community establishment and old club regeneration

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We champion the Growth Areas Social Planning Tool as our best-practice reference for work on the urban fringe and proudly promote its widespread implementation.

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