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Sports clubs and community groups are mini-communities in themselves. They exhibit a similar dynamic to their residential equivalents. 

My Neighbourhood has the expertise and experience to assist with the creation and development of clubs and associations. 

Over more than two decades we worked with such places, that also play a critical role in the development of a sense of personal identity, purpose and belonging. A particular passion of Chris’s has been his work with junior players and club committees, to ensure a constant healthy pipeline of new members, and an enduring sense of “a home away from home”.


Creating Community through Sport Associations


Australia in the 21st century is a diverse place, with of variety of leisure options and preferences. Historically, when time was segmented more formally the weekend default for many was a deep commitment to sports participation, that became central to personal and family identity. Times have changed.

Sports and clubs that fail to recognize the changed market are susceptible to a downturn in activity that may threaten their existence. Being at the more traditional end of the market, golf clubs are amongst the most vulnerable.


A fresh lens that embraces multiple-activity options, innovation, third-party partnerships, gender-equity and price-competitiveness is a given, in order for sports to remain market-relevant and financially stable in current times.

Change often requires boldness and vision that is not immediately obvious – or palatable – to those immersed in the daily operations of their club or community. Skilled leadership assistance may be required to maximise stakeholder buy-in, without destroying club soul and the intangible social bonds that are so vital to the identity of members and participants alike. A sense of community is ultimately the glue that binds clubs and it must be constantly nurtured throughout periods of change.


Our more recent work with golf communities represented a bridge into the residential community realm, as these two aligned worlds overlapped in pursuit of new ways forward for golf.

Chris’s successful brokerage of a complex commercial deal enabling the re-development of a proud traditional club along with a central role in the launch of brand new golf and residential facilities, positioned those facilities for future prosperity.

Beaconhills Country Golf Club

Chris is extremely proud of reinforcing this club’s future from within, through the development of an industry-leading junior program called the J-Team. This program was the fulcrum for a broader connection to non-golfing families within the catchment and further bolstering of the club fabric.

Sanctuary Lakes Club

As CEO of PGA Links Management, Chris assumed senior responsibility for the challenging role of managing a residential community comprising 33 Bodies Corporate, as well as the premier golfing facility in Melbourne’s west.

The ultimate aim was to assist with club and community self-determination and the orderly withdrawal of the developer, at project maturity.

Eynesbury Township

We were engaged as the first on-site manager of Eynesbury golf and homestead, including the establishment of management systems and the engagement of key personnel.

We also undertook a programming role with key events such as the Eynesbury Dash and Victoria Police Kokoda Trek fundraising, and the establishment of the Eynesbury heritage trail.


Sandhurst Club

Chris’s time at the management helm of this 36-hole facility in Melbourne’s south-east spanned the period of construction and golf and clubhouse operational establishment. From these beginnings, Sandhurst Club has grown into a much-admired facility that is also the national home of the Professional Golfers Association.

Patterson River Country Club

Chris joined Patterson River at a time that its very survival was on the line. He was charged with the responsibility of realising upon club land assets to fund a complete re-development of this ageing facility and the associated cultural modernization of the club.

This occurred under this watch, along with the implementation of landmark junior and women’s programs to ensure a new pipeline of participants.


“Having worked with Chris for near on 20 years I could not speak more highly of him. He’s the astute professional. A man with genuine values, who is highly engaged with his audience, and importantly, delivers with passion and energy for the things dear to his heart, such as his connection with community and nature. Chris truly wants to make a difference.”

Craig Taberner, CEO, Nursery & Garden Industry of Victoria

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