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Community Development Specialist.

A defining career philosophy for Chris has been the fundamental human need for connection and belonging.

His work within both residential and sports communities has given practical expression to this theme. In recent years, Chris’s work with Mirvac’s Victorian master-planned residential communities has centred around the creation and support of embedded, ground-up community development.

Embodied within this work is a commitment to better understand personal wellness triggers to maximise resilience, build capacity and ensure genuinely sustainable community outcomes.

Throughout his life Chris has been driven to make a positive contribution beyond his immediate domain. Over a number of years he coordinated Auskick and Milo Cricket (now “Cricket Blast”) programs in his local community. Prior to that, he co-founded, launched and operated a family-run, year-round Sunday market that added vitality to the community in which he resided at the time.


My story is un-remarkable…but it has shaped the way I see the world.

I grew up in country towns. Whilst the vagaries and imperfections of country towns aren’t for everyone, I’m glad I had that experience. I felt as though I belonged in those places. Long Summer days at the swimming pool, carefree strolls to the shops and day-long bike rides. I went to school with the kids of farmers who supplied the local butcher and green-grocer direct. Mum and Dad belonged to various groups and committees; activities that in the aggregate give communities their soul.

Fast-forward three decades plus and I found myself professionally immersed in new communities, located on the edge of Melbourne’s urban sprawl. Places defined as much by their project name as their geography. Places where young families pursue the Great Aussie Dream of home ownership and finding a place where they can connect and belong. Places that often provide high quality modern facilities and infrastructure and about which media releases portray an image of united, functional and delightful communities. Instinctively though, I knew that something was missing. A population alone, does not a community make.

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