O.K. people of Australia. You’ve done a brilliant job in averting a pandemic catastrophe. Now it’s time to re-set for a secure future with “local” at the heart of all that we do.

The value of localism is even more pronounced in new places, particularly on our urban fringe. How to get started in the absence of familiar reference points? The answer – obviously – lies in the creation of some familiar, local and lovable reference points to help authentic interaction along.

Australians love their coffee, in all of its variants. Local cafe’s – whether of the pop-up variety or a permanent town centre fixture – sit at the heart of this contemporary habit. A place where lasting friendships are formed and community ideas hatched! Add a social enterprise overlay and you have a model that maximises community good, through an overt and practical commitment to local.

My Neighbourhood is pleased to announce it’s launch into this space, to provide an affordable leg-up for residential projects with a community development appetite but constrained financial resources. Through trusting relationships with aligned partners we can construct and operate a cafe “hub” to suit most budgets that will deliver that sense of place to which new residents aspire. Community development starts right here.

My Neighbourhood Re-set


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