At the core of Place-making is prevention and mitigation of social disconnection and loneliness. It’s a heart-felt driver of the work I undertake via My Neighbourhood.

Im really pleased to see ABC elevate this matter to front of mind, on Q & A , 9.35 pm AEST on Monday September 14:

“Loneliness is predicted to be the next public health epidemic of the 21st century. We’ re interacting online more than ever but our sense of isolation is growing. On the flipside, some now crave solitude, desperate to escape the noise of overcrowded households, bad news and social media chatter. So will this pandemic force us to deal with lobneliness, on a personal and political level?”

Any show that includes a drill-down into the wisdom of Hugh Mackay has my attention in an instant. His observations have helped frame my professional world.

Recommended viewing.

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