In recognition of the landmark commitment that Mirvac is making to authentic Community Development at its Victorian urban-fringe communities, I was recently asked to contribute a piece to the Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association “Revue” e-magazine. Hats off to VPELA for its recognition of social cohesion as a fundamental planning aspiration and to explore and share current best practice.

The covid19 crisis and our craving for new ways to connect underscores that humans are indeed “herd animals”. Our personal and community wellness is indelibly linked to inter-personal connection.

My Neighbourhood is both delighted and proud to share a little of our foray into new ways to foster authentic social cohesion. Ironically, these “new” ways are actually time-honoured old ways that our society has progressively – and perhaps unwittingly –  abandoned over the last decade and beyond.

Another shout-out to Mirvac for its resourcing pro-activity and to the City of Whittlesea for its practical exploration of place-based social planning at Olivine in Donnybrook, via the Growth Areas Social Planning Tool.


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